A Strategic Investment

This program provides students with transferable competencies that cover global HRM concepts and trends, and how they may be applied locally. The coursework enables students to progress from an operational focus into a more strategic role. Students have an opportunity to develop their global network built through contact with professors, guest speakers and international classmates.

Classroom Dynamic

Beyond Lectures, many teaching methods are used to create a learning environment that is dynamic and varied. Students become more self-aware, understand how to relate better with others and learn to navigate the complexities of organizational life.

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Experiential Learning

In addition to the above requirements, there are numerous opportunities for students to engage in a variety of on-campus forums and networking events that include invited lecturers, panel discussions and topical conferences hosted by the business department in collaboration with other disciplines.

Careers Options

Webster’s HRM program is designed to prepare students for strategic professional positions in both local and multinational companies and organizations. The program also advances the skills set of individuals working in management or other areas that require a solid understanding of human resources. In some cases, the program assists students in re-orienting their career.

Program Admission

Applicants must possess an earned Bachelor’s degree in any subject from an accredited university. In addition, English language proficiency must be documented.

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