Program Structure

Applicants must possess an earned Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and English language proficiency must be documented. In addition, applicants must have successfully completed (grade B or better) recent courses in Business, Accounting Theory and Practice, Current Economic Analysis or approved equivalents.

Program Curriculum

The MBA degree requires satisfactory completion of thirteen courses (37 credit hours) of which eleven courses (31 credit hours) are core and two courses (6 credit hours) are elective courses. An MBA with an area of specialization requires at least sixteen courses (48 credit hours), consisting of 30 credit hours of core MBA coursework plus the emphasis requirements.

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Emphasis in Management & Leadership

Sixteen courses (49 credits). This MBA with emphasis includes six courses (18 credit hours) of additional classes connecting the MBA with management and leadership.

Emphasis in Human ­Resources Management

Seventeen courses (52 credits). The MBA with emphasis in Human Resources Management encompasses 7 courses (21 credit hours) specific to today’s human resources challenges.

Emphasis in International Relations

Nineteen courses (58 credits). This distinct MBA emphasis combines business expertise with a working knowledge of international affairs. Students take nine courses (27 credit hours) in the field of international relations.

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