European Studies

The BA in European Studies is a unique journey into the realm of the Old World. Our campus has a team of outstanding professors and practitioners whose scholarship and expertise go from the EU integration through Security Studies, from Contemporary History through EU-US relations.

Our university, located in the most important hub for world diplomacy and international business, benefits from a multi-lateral perspective through which our students can successfully attend an undergraduate program in European Studies.

From Vienna to Versailles, all along the Nineteenth Century, and from the League of Nations to the United Nations, the NATO and other international organizations, you will learn both theory and practice in an exciting and thought-provoking milieu where the students constantly interact with their teachers.

From the academic year 2015-2016, our university also offers the possibility to couple the BA in European Studies with a Certificate in Security Studies. The latter has a specific cut here in Geneva, where human security and International Disaster Response Law play a paramount role in the cooperation between Civil Protection, Armed Forces and the ICRC.

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