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3-Step Streamlined Application Process

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Quick Step 1: Click on the Apply Now Online button and start by creating a login profile.



Quick Step 2: Go back to the application page, login with your username and password to start your application. Complete the application in 15-20 minutes. There is an application fee of 200 Ghana Cedis (outside of Ghana: US$50) that will be collected later but at the payment screen, you can enter a Fee Waiver Code before you can submit the application. Request a code by sending an email to  

Quick Step 3: We send you a confirmation and ask you to submit all the supporting documents by email, drop-off or mail. Download and read the Admissions Handbook for details. Find the links below.  You will also need to sit in for a 1.5-hour entrance examination.

You will receive the admissions decision within a week if all required documents are submitted. Then you can start telling your family, friends, and colleagues that you've been accepted into a top American university, the first one to have a campus and deliver fully accredited degrees right here in West Africa.