Student Support

Career Services

We have ongoing partnerships with various organisations and companies who offer practical experience. This experience will help you to develop your skills, interests and talents. The knowledge gained will help you in your career choices. You will also learn to craft a resumé and practice effective interview skills. If your goals include graduate study, Career Services will help you identify your best graduate school options.

Counseling Services

Life sometimes brings new challenges such as stress, anxiety or homesickness. To help you cope with such issues, Webster provides personal counseling services. Our professional counselors offer you confidential help to resolve whatever challenges you may be facing.

Writing Center

Webster University Ghana Campus offers students both an in-house writing coach and online access to the writing center in St. Louis to ease their writing anxieties as well as improve their writing skills. Students are able to develop drafts and have them reviewed for feedback by a writing expert. This helps them better plan and execute their assignments, papers and projects which also increases their academic output.  Read more »

Easy Access to Staff and Faculty

At Webster Ghana, our staff and faculty practice an open door policy for students seeking extra assistance on academic or personal issues. We believe in and practice confidentiality, while respecting the unique perspectives of each student. Students are always welcome to call, email. or hold in-person conversations with staff and faculty on issues and concerns surrounding their academic and student experiences.


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