The newly-introduced English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Webster University was developed to help non-native speakers enhance their English language skills in a structured, yet casual and friendly setting. Many Francophone students move to Ghana and want to learn English, and we are here to help you with your goals!

The Webster Ghana ESL Bridge Program offers students fundamental language skills required for academic achievement prior to enrollment. It is intended for new students, as well as current undergraduate and graduate students who do not meet the language proficiency standards for admission to a regular degree program.

Throughout the curriculum, students will work to improve their research skills and library usage, build important lexis/vocabulary for specific purposes, phonology or pronunciation, grammar and English as a Second or Foreign Language usage.

Getting Started

The ESLG courses in the program meet 3 times per week for 3 hours each day for a total of 9 hours per week. The undergraduate bridge GLBC course meets once a week for 3 hours. The intensive nature of these courses ensures that students may progress through the program through study and practice over one and a half semesters, which is equivalent to 3 terms. To complete the program, a student will have to complete the required total of 12 credits and pass the exit test.

Students who wish to study in our ESL Bridge Program only can apply as non-degree-seeking students. When students are filling out the non-degree application, for the level of interest, click on "Undergraduate study" (ESL courses are undergraduate level courses). Then, choose the Ghana - Accra campus. For the term, choose "other." When it asks for courses, write "ESL study full time only."

Students who wish to continue after ESL as undergraduate students should follow the steps for admission for regular international undergraduate students.

Students who wish to continue studying as graduate students after ESL should follow the steps for admission for regular international graduate students.

To gain admission for ESL study only without a standardized test such as TOEFL or IELTS score, you should contact the ESL Program Coordinator directly via email or phone to discuss your language learning history and determine if the ESL program is the right fit for you. The ESL program starts at the intermediate level and cannot accommodate beginning-level students at this time.

ESL students are admitted to Bridge Level as follows:  

  • Undergraduate with a 5.5 IELTS, a 69 and above TOEFL iBT or 49 minimum on the PTE. 
  • Graduate with a 6.0 IELTS, a 69 and above TOEFL iBT or 49 minimum on the PTE. 


Contact the Admissions Office

Phone: +233 (0) 302-507-393
Mobile: +233(0)54 011 96 33 

Specific test dates are set by the ESL Test Center and scheduled at the end of the Fall semester in December of each year. Students will be registered for testing at the beginning of Fall II term. The exit test is an online Michigan EPT, including a written and oral exam. The test will be proctored on the Webster Ghana campus. The test time is approximately 3 hours with breaks – 60 minutes EPT, 90 minutes written exam and 10 minutes oral communications exam. All exams are second marked by qualified raters in Ghana and St. Louis.

Note that students cannot exit in the middle of the ESL Bridge Program. They are required to take all classes once placed in the program.

The tuition fee for the program is (USD) $3,330 (including $180 exit testing fees). The cost of textbooks and learning materials are also included in the fees.

Learn English as a Second Language

Young woman with long braided hair holding books and smiling

Becoming better at English is not hard. You can do it! Webster University Ghana's English as a Second Language (ESL) program is a full-time, Bridge Level curriculum that adopts a content-based approach. Every ESL student is required to take one undergraduate content course.