Ghana Campus Celebrates Webster Centennial

Ghana Campus Celebrates Webster Centennial In celebrating the centennial anniversary of Webster University, a "Global Citizenship Cafe" was organized in Accra.

This program’s intention was to highlight what it means to be a global citizen in the disciplines of business administration, international relations, and media communications, the three majors offered at Webster’s Ghana Campus.

Francis Appiah, Ramie Baitie and Dr. Sikanku, each renowned leaders in these respective fields of international relations, business management and  media communication, led the discussions by giving presentations that highlighted their experiences as global citizens. They shared how their global perspectives positively influenced their lives and career paths, allowing them to realize their full potential and develop innovative solutions to various challenges.

 The event brought together global citizens from various industries in Ghana who shared their perspective on the meaning of Global Citizenship. Participants discussed the benefits of a broad cultural outlook on global systems and how a marriage of the two concepts (thinking globally and acting locally) would produce individuals comfortable with who they are and where they grew up. More important how they can easily use these values to integrate and excel in a more international and global world making use of the many opportunities with which they create. The discussion further highlighted the value of Global Citizenship for students to be able to take action globally, excel individually and project internationally.

Three common features of global citizenship were identified by an audience of accomplished Ghanaian professionals in attendance: Open mindedness, thinking differently and contributing to global discourse. These were also aligned to the theme “Seeing things differently: The Ghanaian Chapter on Global Citizenship.”

The discussions on the meanings and values of global citizenship generated from the Global World Cafe will be compiled into a report which will serve as a resource for further communications. The dialogue still continues on social media with the hashtags #WebsterGhana and #GlobalCitizenship.