Ghana Celebrates Centennial with 'Global Citizens in Africa' Public Lecture

Ghana Centennial Public Lecture
As part of celebrations to mark Webster’s centennial year, the Ghana campus hosted a public lecture, Global Citizens in Africa – Leading the New Century,at the Alisa Hotel in Accra on Nov. 4. 

The lecture provided a platform for lively discussion on how education and the concept of global citizenship can be used to assist aspiring African leaders who will propel the continent into the new century. Discussions centered around the core program areas of Webster University Ghana: Management, International Relations and Media Communications.

Keynote speaker Mike Nyinaku, chief executive officer of Beige Capital, said in order for Ghanaian companies to compete with global giants, it was important to move away from the culture of subsistence entrepreneurship; rather, SMEs should focus on expanding to become sub-systems of the economy.

Director of the Ghana campus, Christa Sanders, expressed admiration at the progress the University has made globally, and was excited about all that is in store for the Ghana Campus. "The purpose of forums such as this is to start the dialogue on change,” said Sanders. “This stimulates the thinking that eventually leads to creating change – which is the hallmark of a true global citizen.”

Other speakers at the event included Webster’s international faculty members Michael Williams, Timothy Malloy, Suweon Kim and Esther Armah. Distinguished guests at the event included Daniel Asiedu, chief executive officer of Zenith Bank, along with members of the expatriate community and other stakeholders in business and academia.