Ghana Campus Screens 'Inside Buffalo' Soldiers Documentary with Director

Ghana Campus Screens 'Inside Buffalo' Soldiers Documentary with Director The Ghana campus collaborated with National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) of Ghana, for the screening of "Inside Buffalo," an award-winning feature film and Black International Cinema Best Documentary, at NAFTI theatre, in Accra, on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.

"Inside Buffalo" echoes the history of the all African American segregated Combat unit, 92nd Buffalo Division, the “Buffalo Soldiers,” who fought in Italy during World War II with outstanding heroism.

The thrust of the narrative is that these courageous African-American soldiers fought two types of wars at the same time, one against the Nazis, and the other against racial discrimination, but the survivors realized that their audacious efforts went unnoticed upon return to the United States of America. This epic documentary film reconstructs the story within the context of Civil Rights history.

The film was directed by Fred Kudjo Kuwornu, an Italian-Ghanaian activist, producer, writer and director. Fred holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Mass Media. He worked as a TV show writer for RAI 1 and has produced several works with his production company, Struggle Film Works. Fred Kuwornu has also lectured in over 200 Universities in the last four years on African/European heritage in the diaspora, including an invitation to be a speaker at Florence Conference “Black Portraitures”. He is currently working on Paisan Soldiers, a documentary about Italian-Americans in World War II.

Present at the screening was the faculty, staff and students of Webster and NAFTI. He had also screened the film at University of Ghana.

The screening was a good platform for interactions between Fred Kuwornu and students, faculty and staff from Webster Ghana, and NAFTI. The interaction was particularly beneficial for students studying media and communication.