Ghana Director Visits Schools in East, Central and West Africa

Ghana Director Visits Schools in East, Central and West Africa In response to the increasing demand for higher education in much of Africa, Ghana campus director Christa Sanders and her enrollment team visited several countries in West, Central and East Africa to talk with senior administrators, teachers, advisors, students and parents about the educational opportunities available at Webster Ghana, as well as the international network of campuses.

Accompanied by Martha Amankwah, director of enrollment management, the enrollment team visited 31 high schools in Nigeria, various high profiled secondary schools in Togo and Cameroon, and eight high schools throughout Ghana.

For the first time, the enrollment team also visited Kenya, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia, where the team presented on the many benefits of attending Webster University as well as showcasing the many opportunities available at the Webster Ghana Campus.

ghana recruitment tour

So far, the response to the tour has been positive and the admissions team has received numerous inquiries as a result of these visits.

“Ghana has become a major player when it comes to African higher education, largely because of its stable political climate, promising economic environment and overall focus on providing quality educational opportunities to the population at large," said Sanders. “Given the overall positive response to Webster University and the Ghana Campus, we believe the recruitment tour will translate into increased enrollments in the near future.”

In the coming months, the enrollment team plans to visit schools in Gabon and other countries within the West African sub-region where students are seeking U.S. higher education opportunities.